Personal Trainers

Traditional, Athletic and Therapeutic Personal Training at competitive rates

Michael Beck:  678-907-3539
Dickie Bilbro: 404-518-0909
Nick Fiorello: 470-654-1383
David Almire: 404-310-5090
Taisto Pitkonen:   561-309-3847
Personal training is all about YOU and your success in achieving your fitness goals.

The bottom line question is: Do you workout on your own or do you just intend to?

Our metabolism and muscle tone begins to diminish in our 20s and loss of bone density follows in our 30s! We are constantly faced with new hurdles to jump over! Sometimes we could use some good advice and instruction!

A Personal Trainer can teach you how to eat and to exercise in the most efficient and healthy way to improve Your fitness level. The advantage of using a Personal Trainer is in the personal attention to YOU. If money is a concern, which it is to most folks, remember that most folks don’t see at trainer 3 times a week, but meet with her or him weekly, or less often. Consider hiring a professional, even if for a few sessions, so you can learn what You need to do for Yourself.

Our trainers are all well qualified, but they are different. We suggest calling each one to find out their philosophy, availability and rates so you can choose the one best suited to YOU. Personal training is all about YOU and your success!

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