Abrakadoodle Art Camp

Space Art Adventure STEAM Camp (Ages 3-12)

Join us and blast off to an outer space adventure! Learn about the solar system, meteoroids, meteors and meteorites, constellations and much more. Find out why astronauts wear spacesuits and why telescopes are important tools. Create art that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math concepts. Explore fun art techniques, play games and make friends that are “out of this world”! All while we reach for the stars!

Garden Art Safari (Ages 3-12)

Abrakadoodle and Lady Bird Johnson’s Wild Flower Center have joined together to create this special program for flower centers, botanical  Art lessons focus upon the elements in a garden such as soil, plants and pollinators and artistic styles and techniques that lend themselves to a garden environment. Doodler students learn how to use a sketchbook while Mini Doodlers explore the tactile elements of garden life. This is a wonderful art and science program in which the art is all about this special environment! 


Attention boys and girls: Join us for Abrakadoodle’s style camp. From Leonardo da Vinci to Louis Vuitton this is the create your own unique style inspired by the illustrators, designers artists who focus on the world of high fashion and design! Create dresses or shirts that scream WOW!  Design cool accessories. Try out your creative ideas on sneakers or high heels! Get in the spotlight – and ready for the Ultimate Kids Runway Show featuring unique portfolio designs created by YOU!

World Travel 3D Art Camp (Ages 3-12)

Travel with us on this creative journey and change the way you see the world! Create 3D masterpieces inspired by world cultures. Learn about Chinese ceramics, Croatian “licitar” hearts, Maori design carvings from New Zealand, “nicho” boxes from Mexico and much more. Create art using a variety of materials, play games and understand that through art we can connect with people from all over the world.

Let’s Go Camping! Art Camp (Ages 3-12)

Let’s have camping fun without leaving the art room!  This art camp takes us to an imaginary world where we will hike, build a campfire, create a nature tapestry and learn about wild animals. We will learn all about camping by mapping our campground, designing our own camping trailer and “collecting” bugs in a jar. We’ll use our imagination and explore painting, printing, collage, nature tapestry and other art media. We will have fun with camping games, creating cool art projects and making new friends—without real mosquitoes!

Pirate Island Art Camp (Ages 3-5)

Ahoy all Pirate Island Buccaneers! Come aboard to create pirate ships, colorful parrots, treasure maps, sea monsters, ship flags, doubloon necklaces, treasure chests and more! Our buccaneers will explore cartooning, origami, sand painting, sculpture, cartography, and much more.


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